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Performance Nutrition Program
Maximize the work you put into the gym and on those long runs by fueling your body for energy, recovery, repair and endurance


We start with an intensive 90-minute interview session. This can be in-person or via a video conference. Here we learn about you and what you want to accomplish. Are you recovering from an injury? Not recovering from the grueling marathon training like you did 5 or 10 years ago? Looking for that extra advantage before going to the combine or training camp? We take in a lot of information and will encourage you to share any recent lab work from your physician.

Tailored Nutrition Program

After learning what you want to accomplish, we start to work on the how. We deliver a custom meal plan designed to fit your lifestyle and more importantly you as an individual. Each athlete is different and it doesn't matter if you are a 5-tool baseball player or chasing Spartan Trifecta glory- each program is custom to you and where you are as an athlete.

Learn what's working

Throughout the program we have semi-monthly check-ins so that we can measure what has been working and where we need to make adjustments. During these check-ins you will learn more than what to eat - you need to understand why you are eating a certain way and what the benefits are. As a disciplined athlete you will learn the foods that are best for hydration, muscle fatigue and repair, inflammation, active recovery and before events to optimize your bodies ability to perform.

Supplement Analysis and Recommendations

Not all supplements treat everyone the same. You may have a buddy that started taking something that is perfectly good for them and what their blood work, body type, age, medical history indicates is necessary but it may not be the right thing for you. We will analyze your blood work and see where you have deficiencies that may need more than a lot of leafy greens to get your body primed to perform. Don't worry, we also understand what supplements shouldn't be taken that are on banned substance lists and won't put you on the ESPN ticker for the wrong reasons.

Meal Prepping

Your lifestyle may require that you need personalized chef and meal prep options. If you are a pro-athlete we may be asking you to eat multiple times a day and in more ways than you thought was possible to prepare different foods. That's OK, we have meal prep options that fit your lifestyle - even if you aren't a pro athlete and are just a pro-businessman or woman that has a busy lifestyle and needs to delegate the meal prep. Then again, you may just want the recipe to the BBQ Shrimp Buddha Bowl and make it yourself - point is we've got options.

Part of Your Team

At SSNC, we can work with your personal trainer to supplement your physical training with nutritional training that complements your training regimen. We can work with your physician to manage the nutritional part of your recovery and we'll work with you throughout the different seasons of the year - you eat different when you are training for the season or in the middle of the season...or not in a season at all and plowing through a day of conference calls before you get to the gym or long run.

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