Awesome!  We’re so glad you signed up for the Immunity Foundations course.

My goal is to make holistic nutrition accessible, affordable, and convenient so you can improve the quality of your life, no matter where you are on your journey to better health. In the Immunity Foundations course we will focus on:

Week 1:  How Your Immune System Really Works

In the first week you will be emailed the meeting information for a live Zoom call on Wednesday August 5th at 7pm CDT.  If that doesn’t work for your schedule – no worries, you will be able to login and watch at your own leisure each week 24 hours after each recorded session.

Throughout the week you will be provided “daily vitamins” through our Private Facebook Group and email to make what we are learning easier to digest and implement.

Week 2:  Heroes & Bandits of the Immune System

Heroes – What we put in in our body to strengthen it.

Bandits – The things we ought not put in our body that weaken our immune system.  Don’t worry, we’re not going to say “never have a donut”  In fact, check out the 80/20 blog on the website.

We’ll Zoom on Wednesday August 12 at 7pm CDT.  Remember each session is recorded and available through your login 24 hours after recording.

Week 3:  What to eat to boost your immunity

Your mouth is the gateway to your health and we hammer that point in Week 3.  We’ll get into specific foods and recipes that actively boost your immune system.

Don’t miss this one on Wednesday August 19 at 7:0opm CDT (but if you do, it’ll be available anytime during the course on Thursday).

Week 4: Vitamins, Herbs and Minerals

In this last week of the program we go beyond food and learn about the vitamins, supplements and minerals we all need to keep our immune system running at peak performance.

In the meantime, you can read ahead about some booster foods here.

Wednesday August 26 7:00pm CDT.